We’re starting!

The Tamarack Camera Club is having its inaugural meeting Thursday, November 7, 2013, at 7pm at Them Days, located at 3 Courte Manche.  Are you interested in sharing ideas with other photographers, hearing good speakers, learning about great shooting locations nearby, participating in workshops, and competing in photographic challenges?  Then come join the Tamarack Camera Club!

The goal of the club is to bring anybody interested in photography together; to increase club members’ creativity, technical skills and knowledge in photography; and to exhibit and publicize the work of club members.  This club is for people of all skill levels–you just need to have a camera and a love of photography.

We look forward to seeing you at the meet-and-greet this Thursday.  You are encouraged to bring three photos with you to share with other photographers attending the inaugural meeting.For more information, contact us:

Club e-mail: tamarackcameraclub@gmail.com

Chair: John Gaudi john.gaudi@gmail.com

Treasurer: John Graham graham.john709@gmail.com

Secretary: Aimee Chaulk aimee.chaulk@gmail.com

One thought on “We’re starting!

  1. Good first meeting looking forward to the next session…..and hoping to learn some new and interesting techniques from you all.

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