A Visit with Jimmy Ung

On September 10, we were happy to welcome documentary photographer Jimmy Ung to our camera club for a talk about his current project, Moto Canada 150.

Jimmy was in Happy Valley-Goose Bay to take pictures of a few community members (our secretary included!) for Moto Canada 150. He previously motorcycled from Montreal to Buenos Aires, documenting 150 people over 16 countries. We were able to snag a last-minute visit with him between his portrait and interview sessions!

Jimmy told us about his previous journey, his current documentary project in response to Canada 150, and about talking to people we don’t know. We got to pick his brain about exhibiting photos and the nuts-and-bolts of putting together projects too. It was especially useful to us as we continue with our Humans of Labrador project at full speed!

Thanks so much for visiting us, Jimmy, and good luck with the rest of your journey!

TCC with Jimmy Ung

Workshop with Bojan Fürst

The workshop with Bojan Fürst is Sunday April 30. The workshop will take place in the Aboriginal Resource Centre at the College of the North Atlantic. The workshop will get underway at 1:30pm and run until around 6:30pm. The workshop will begin with a presentation and a Q & A session. Bojan will then give us a photographic assignment. We’ll return to the college where we’ll critique photos from the assignment. This format works well for both the beginner and the more seasoned photographer. Bring a friend along–the price of admission is membership in the Tamarack Camera Club.

Summer Excursions!

We’re moving into the summer phase of our club, focusing (haha) on excursions! woo hoo! But, first things first:

The photographs from our “Home” exhibition have been taken down from the lobby at the O’Brien Arts Centre and they are available from Aimee at Them Days, 3 Courte Manche St (across from Notre Dame). If you would like to buy your picture with your frame, it will cost $50.

And, now for the exciting new business:
Our summer photo-taking excursions will start this week. Instead of our regular third-Thursday evening meeting, this week we will meet at the end of Mud Lake Road for a photo-taking evening. Meet at 7:00, bring camera gear, weather-appropriate clothing, insect repellant, etc. Drive east on Hamilton River Road, take Riverview Drive up to Elizabeth Street, and continue on the gravel road, past the municipal water treatment plant and past the farms. (See attached street guides if you need a visual.) Of course, stop and take photos along the way if you like. Need a ride? Phone Mavis to arrange.

Next Meeting: Painting with Light Workshop!

Instead of our normal meeting this Thursday, the Tamarack Camera Club will be offering a free workshop for Tamarack Camera Club members and Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club members on the evening of March 5th from 6:30pm until 9pm at the Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club. The workshop is entitled “Painting with Light.” It is a night photography workshop using various light sources. All participants need to bring their camera and flashlight. If you have glow-sticks and a tripod, bring them too. Dress warmly, as much of the workshop will be outside!

Home Exhibition Guidelines

20150219 – HomeExhibition Draft Guidelines

See the draft guidelines for our Home Exhibition. Let us know what you think!


Tonight is the third Thursday of February, so you know what that means! Camera Club time! The meeting is at 7pm at the College of the North Atlantic’s Aboriginal Resource Centre, and we’re going to be troubleshooting…what is it that you just can’t seem to get the way you want it? What have you always wanted to try, but can’t figure it out? We’ll be answering each other’s questions and looking at online resources. Don’t forget to bring any photos you would like to share. See you there!

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 6, 2014

There are five Thursdays in October this year, so for anyone wondering if we have camera club this Thursday, October 30, I have some unfortunate news: since meetings are only held on the first and third Thursdays of the month, there will be no club this week.

The next club meeting is on Thursday, November 6, 2014. Same time (7pm), same place (College of the North Atlantic, Aboriginal Resource Centre). Newbies always welcome!

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 3

The next meeting will be at the Aboriginal Resource Centre at 7pm, at the College of the North Atlantic. (Same time and place as usual!)

This week’s topic will be the second in our Introduction to Photography series. Session 2 is “Getting Better Exposures, Pt. 1.” Learn about taking your camera off Auto (and still getting that photo you want–in fact, maybe getting it because you took it off Auto!).

See you there!

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 20

The Tamarack Camera Club Executive has been listening to the needs and concerns of our club members, so from now until June, we will be conducting an Introduction to Photography course at our meetings.

The first workshop will be GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA. Don’t forget to bring your camera along (also, don’t forget to have charged batteries in it–you’ll be using your camera and getting to know the controls)!

Where: Aboriginal Resource Centre, College of the North Atlantic

When: Thursday, March 20, 7pm.

And pass along the word to people who may be interested in joining and learning!