Workshop with Bojan Fürst

The workshop with Bojan Fürst is Sunday April 30. The workshop will take place in the Aboriginal Resource Centre at the College of the North Atlantic. The workshop will get underway at 1:30pm and run until around 6:30pm. The workshop will begin with a presentation and a Q & A session. Bojan will then give us a photographic assignment. We’ll return to the college where we’ll critique photos from the assignment. This format works well for both the beginner and the more seasoned photographer. Bring a friend along–the price of admission is membership in the Tamarack Camera Club.

Home Exhibition Guidelines

20150219 – HomeExhibition Draft Guidelines

See the draft guidelines for our Home Exhibition. Let us know what you think!


Tonight is the third Thursday of February, so you know what that means! Camera Club time! The meeting is at 7pm at the College of the North Atlantic’s Aboriginal Resource Centre, and we’re going to be troubleshooting…what is it that you just can’t seem to get the way you want it? What have you always wanted to try, but can’t figure it out? We’ll be answering each other’s questions and looking at online resources. Don’t forget to bring any photos you would like to share. See you there!