Next meeting: January 16

Happy New Year!!

This week’s meeting will be a hands-on one, so bring your camera!

Mavis Penney will be giving a hands-on demonstration on how to photograph items for online sale sites – like the Virtual Flea Market or eBay or Etsy stores. She will demonstrate how to set up and adjust the camera and talk about cropping and how to get your photo looking the best it can for selling your wares!

With regrets, Geoff Goodyear’s presentation for this week has been postponed, but this promises to be a good workshop!

The meeting will be held at our regular meeting space, the Aboriginal Resource Centre at the College of the North Atlantic. Go in the main doors, then turn right. The ARC will be on your left just before the library!
See you there!



December 21st Meeting

Our very first photo foray was a success!  (A verrrrrrrry cold one, that’s for sure!) First we met at our new meeting space, the Aboriginal Resource Centre at the College of the North Atlantic. Then, we braved the cold and got some good shots of the lights at Town Hall and surrounding area, which we shared at the end of the meeting as we drank our hot chocolate.  A fun meeting to end the calendar year and take some time from Christmas madness to stop and do something we love to do!

We hope to do more activities like this in the future!


December Meetings

Our next meeting will be held Thursday, December 19 at 7:00 pm in the Aboriginal Resource Centre at the College of the North Atlantic. (Go in the main doors, then turn right. The ARC will be on your left before you get to the library.)

We’ll  talk a bit about night-time photography, then head out and take some photos of the nearby town lights, so bring your camera! (And a tripod if you have one.) After we do that, we’ll come back inside and have hot chocolate…mmmm!

Wondering how to prepare for the photo foray? We’ve got a document with some pointers.

Our December 5 meeting was a lot of fun, and very thought-provoking! Labrador Institute Artist-in-Residence Amy Malbeuf and her husband, Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Emerging Artist of the Year Jordan Bennett came and talked about how they use photography in their art. Jordan also introduced us to the photography of his friend Dru Kennedy…maybe someday we can get him up here!

After the presentations, we sat around and talked about (what else?) cameras, our favourite places to buy gear online, and techniques we want to try. It was super casual, and Amy and Jordan were great sports. Thank you so much for coming by and talking to Tamarack Camera Club during your stay in Labrador!

Amy Malbeuf and Jordan Bennett
Amy Malbeuf and Jordan Bennett

December 5 Meeting

Happy December everyone!  This means that our next meeting will be held this Thursday (December 5). We’re going to be treated to a presentation by Jordan Bennett and Labrador Institute Artist-in-Residence Amy Malbeuf. They are leaving town less than a week later, so we are super-psyched to snag them before they leave Labrador!

Please also note, our meeting space has changed.  We will no longer be meeting at Them Days; instead, we will be meeting at the College of the North Atlantic.  Our room this week will be Room 192 in the Trade Wing (and after that, we hope to be meeting in the cushy Aboriginal Resource Centre unless it’s in use by other groups).  See you there at 7:00!


PS If you have friends who are interested in coming but are not on our mailing list and not likely to see this post, please spread the word, both about the presentation and the meeting space change!!!  Thanks.

November 21 Meeting Cancelled

Unfortunately, the November 21 meeting of Tamarack Camera Club will be cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. In the meantime, if anybody would be interested in putting their names forward for leading a presentation or  showing a slideshow, please let us know.

Also, if anybody knows of alternative meeting spaces, please forward the suggestions on to the executive.

Thank you!

We’re starting!

The Tamarack Camera Club is having its inaugural meeting Thursday, November 7, 2013, at 7pm at Them Days, located at 3 Courte Manche.  Are you interested in sharing ideas with other photographers, hearing good speakers, learning about great shooting locations nearby, participating in workshops, and competing in photographic challenges?  Then come join the Tamarack Camera Club!

The goal of the club is to bring anybody interested in photography together; to increase club members’ creativity, technical skills and knowledge in photography; and to exhibit and publicize the work of club members.  This club is for people of all skill levels–you just need to have a camera and a love of photography.

We look forward to seeing you at the meet-and-greet this Thursday.  You are encouraged to bring three photos with you to share with other photographers attending the inaugural meeting.For more information, contact us:

Club e-mail:

Chair: John Gaudi

Treasurer: John Graham

Secretary: Aimee Chaulk