Bronson Jacque

Bronson Jacque

Bronson Jacque is an Inuit visual artist working with color pencils, water colors and more recently oil.  Bronson (named after the actor Charles Bronson) grew up in Postville, Nunatsiavut.

“I started drawing when I was 13 and started taking it seriously when I was 16; so, it’s about eight years that I’ve been seriously drawing.  My whole family is artistic:  my uncle draws, my pop carves, my uncle carves, my nan makes sealskin clothing, my dad makes models of things. I’ve grown up around people making things with their hands.  They taught me to be proud of the things we can create with our hands and our imagination.

It is my uncle that draws that really inspired me.  He is the first artist that I’d seen drawing.

My pop makes caribou figurines made from wood and the antlers are carved from real antlers.  He never sold a wooden caribou by itself.   He said, “a single caribou would be too lonely,” so people had to buy at least two caribou.”

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