Geoff Goodyear

G Goodyear

An Uncommon Place

Geoff Goodyear is a visual artist (photographer and print maker). He grew up in Grand Falls-Windsor and moved to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL in 1996.

Geoff began his love of photography back in the early 70’s, while still in junior high school. “While in high school I started taking photos for Robinson-Blackmore’s newspaper, The Advertiser. It got to the point where the principal was giving me time off from school to cover various community events. While in high school, I had lots of opportunities to develop my skills. I had a chance to see someone do some darkroom work; when I saw that first print appear in the developer, that was it, I was hooked. Since then, digital technology has transformed photography. Digital technology has enabled me to be in complete control of the process: taking photos, processing photos and printing photos. I can’t blame anyone, but myself, for the finished product.”

“I prefer to take photos in natural light and my speciality is landscape and wildlife photography. This may sound pretty common, but Labrador is a very uncommon place. I enjoy the opportunity to promote Labrador through photography and educate others about Labrador and what Labrador has to offer. People seem to enjoy my work, which motivates me to continue with my photography. I’ve also had opportunities to donate my work to assist charitable organizations raise funds, which is very rewarding.”

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