John Graham

HOL_PENNEY_John Graham_2017

John Graham / Third Time Lucky with a Camera
“I’ve wanted to do something with photography for a long time.

I bought my first camera probably when I was twenty years old, and I promptly lost it canoeing – the canoe flipped over in fast water, and that was the end of that camera.

I got my second camera about ten years later, and when I took it canoeing, I put it safely in a nice watertight bag. But we got in big rapids on a big river, and we swamped. The water was so strong that it got into the watertight bag and wrecked that camera, too.

So about six years ago, I got my third camera, the one I have now. I took a short class in photography and I joined a camera club and the people there were very helpful and showed me little tricks and things.

Being with a camera club is great. I exhibit my photographs every year with the Tamarack Camera Club in different locations in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. It’s very collaborative, all the people in the club have great skills and everyone helps out. People offer suggestions that are really useful. I have printed my photographs and donated them for auction sales, and I have printed a couple of coffee table books – for my family mostly, so far.

It feels great, actually, to have somebody interested in a picture! Makes you feel like you are doing something right.”

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