John Neville

John Neville

A Pretty Good Life

John Neville is a carver and musician.  He grew up in Black Tickle and moved to Happy Valley-Goose Bay in 1995.  John is of Southern Inuit ancestry and a member of NunatuKavut.

“I carved for a living. I didn’t live off anything but my carving for 12 to 15 years.  I’m probably the oldest and longest carver in Labrador.  There’s still a few dollars to be made at carving, if you want to be at it.  I gave up carving a couple of years ago. But this spring, when there was the flooding at Mud Lake, the Salvation Army officer asked if I would donate a couple of carvings for a fundraiser. At that point, I had give it up completely. I was even going to sell off everything. And then I said, “no boy”, I had too much stuff. I still had a lot of stone and bone around. So anyhow, when I did them two carvings for the Salvation Army, it kind of motivated me.   The next thing you know, I had 70 carvings done. Maybe I just needed that boost to get back carving.   I had a pretty good life at carving. God’s been good to me. “

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