Matthew Crewe


Living in the western mining town of Labrador City, Matthew Crewe grew up with a strong connection to the bountiful nature that surrounded him. He looks back with fondness , over the memories of him and his father walking along the crystal lakes and rivers in search of the perfect spot to cast their lines. When he became of age, with a shotgun slung across his back, he ventured through the powder-like snow in search of ptarmigan and other small game. “There’s a certain kind of peacefulness that comes over me when I’m out in the woods. It’s like I can relax and forget the stresses of everyday life, there’s nothing out here to think about except the chase. I always tell people that hunting and trapping is nothing like what it is portrayed on social media. I remember the first time I shot a grouse, although I was excited, a sadness had come over me. I think most hunters feel the same way, that’s what gives us humility. It was because of my exposure, that I have a respect for nature, and believe that we are the first line of defense for conservation. As hunters we see a lot of what happens in the woods, and can raise red flags when things appear wrong. Hunting has provided a lot of healthy, fresh meals to the communities of Labrador for years. As the next generation, it is our duty to preserve our woods and allow them to flourish, so they can provide for us in years to come.”

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