Monica Surina


Monica Surina 

I met Monica up with Monica and her gang at one of her favourite places in all the world – The Cabin.  The cabin was relatively dog free with only 7 dogs there that day.  I say relatively dog free as Monica is no stranger to opening her home to SPCA puppies as the unoffical puppy momma to countless litters of stray puppies, or foster dogs or just looking after friends dogs.
As a very active member of the dog community Monica was instrumental in making the Goose Bay dog park a reality and continues to be a major part in making it the great place it is today.
A while back I remember asking Monica if I could stay with her while I was in town.  He response was “Sure, we have room–if you don’t mind that there are 22 dogs including puppies in the house.”  To anyone who has not been in a house with that many dogs, it sounds crazy, but from experience I know that even with that many dogs in the house–it is generally a calm happy place full of loving dog fur.  Thank you Monica for looking out for the dogs of Labrador.

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