Tanya Michelin


Tanya Michelin
Owner/Technician, Big Land Beauty and Spa

I am an Inuit girl born and raised in Goose Bay, Labrador who left home at the ripe age of 16.  Started college and graduated from Corrections at 18 years of age and then onto a career as a Correctional Officer in Kinston, ON.  I spent over 18 years working for Corrections Canada in different positions including, Substance Abuse Treatment with offenders, Aboriginal Liaison Officer, Providing Cross Cultural Awareness Training to Corrections Staff for CSC, developing Aboriginal Programs for Offenders, and finishing off my career before returning home to Goose Bay in 2010 as and Aboriginal Health Services Coordinator with Regional Headquarters in Kingston, ON.  I had a very rewarding career with CSC travelled the country providing training to staff and presenting at National Forums as far as the west coast of Canada.

Upon returning home I was accepted into a position with the Province of NL and Labrador with the Department of Justice through a competitive process with a brand new position, Aboriginal Regional Training and Recruitment Coordinator.  This position was cut in 2013 with the budget cuts and I was then bumped into Victim Services with the Provincial Court where I worked up until March of 2016 where I resigned and decided to open my own business.  I also ran for Municipal Council in 2014 and was voted in and sat on council with the town of HVGB until I resigned in March 2016.   I wanted to explore a brand new area of work where I had a great deal of interest and this was with Esthetics.  I went to St. John’s and paid for my own education with some assistance from Nunatsiavut Pathways program and got trained in 5 different courses around Esthetics and then returned home to open a home based business and called it “Big Land Beauty Salon and Spa”.

The business ran out of my home for 10 months where it got so busy I was forced to moved into a commercial location and hire more staff to help meet the needs of the community.  In March 2017 I moved my business in to a commercial space, hired 4 new Technicians and the business has been flourishing ever since.  The business has grown tremendously in less than 2 years and it has been exceptionally rewarding in so many ways.  We now have a compliment of 6 staff offering services such as waxing, nails, manicure, pedicures, eyelash extension and perming, micro blading, facials, massage and much more.  We continue to get new customers every week and we continue to improve our services by having staff attend new training when necessary. Our Technicians are all now cross trained in all areas of the services we offer which makes it easier and more accessible for clients to receive services in a quicker time frame.  We are also looking at new ways of improving the way we do business as well.

The business will be in operation for 2 full years March 2018 and I extremely proud of the progress so far.  We look forward to continuing the services to our community and residents of Labrador.  Big Land Beauty Salon and Spa is the first ever Spa to be open in Labrador.  I am excited to see what the next 2 years has to offer.  I thank the residents and the clients of Big Land Beauty Salon and Spa for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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