Tunker Campbell

Tunker Campbell

Tunker Campbell, Goose Bay

Tunker Campbell is one of the premier musicians of Labrador and has an extensive collection of guitars. When asked about the guitar he is holding in this photo he replies:

“It is a EPIPHONE Nighthawk. Got that one in Toronto when we were out for a Soiree. We were playing at the foot of the CN Tower for two weeks and went to Steve’s Music in Toronto. Saw the guitar and had to have it! It had a curly maple top and the price was right so it came home with me.”

What is your proudest moment playing guitar? “Don’t really have a proud moment.Every time I pick up a guitar is a proud moment for me. The guitar is a never ending friend for me and I am never alone.”

How do you feel when you are playing guitar? “Relaxed. Good for my soul!”

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