Tye Dyson


Tye Dyson

Before I even met Tye in person I heard he was a true Labrador boy.  He did not disappoint.
Tye grew up outdoors fishing and hunting with his grandfather and late great-grandfather, they taught him everything they knew about surviving and living off the land and he soaked it all up.
It was early spring and a Large Labrador Day, so we decided to meet down on the bay,  Tye and his grandparents showed up in true Labrador fashion – on snowmobile. After introductions and talking about the beautiful clothing his grandmother made for him to wear today Tye’s grandparents needed to make a phone call so Tye and I decided to head up the bay to find a nice spot for making photographs.  I was hesitant at first because I did not know the area and the ice conditions but Tye did.  “No worries, follow me” he said and off we went up the bay.  I followed him on his snowmobile and thought to myself, this little guy knows his way around and can certainly handle that sled.

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