Tamarack Camera Club meets on the first and third Thursdays of every month, at 7:00pm. Our meeting location is the College of the North Atlantic’s Aboriginal Resource Centre. To find the ARC, turn right at the main entrance. We’re between the washrooms and the library.

2017-8 Schedule

Topics to be determined by club members after first meeting.

October 19: First meeting! Welcome back to familiar faces from last year, and hello to our new club-mates (come on out if you’re interested!)

November 3: This week Mavis and John will introduce Club members to Lightroom.  This workshop will help photographers understand how Lightroom can help them develop and maintain a workflow that increases their efficiency; from capture to output. The topics to be covered this week are: 1) navigating the various modules and panels in Lr., 2) importing images, 3) managing images through ratings, labels, captions and keywords, 4) image searching and 5) exporting images. This workshop will last about 45 minutes.  If you have a copy of Lr. on your laptop, please feel free to bring your laptop and follow along on your computer.

For the second half of Thursday’s meeting we would like everyone to bring their camera.  We can teach one another some of the various camera controls: raw setting, focusing, metering, bracketing, etc.

November 16: More Lightroom!

December 7: Christmas party

December 21: Cancelled.

January 4, 2018: Cancelled.

January 18: Photoshop. Wrap-up of the Humans of Labrador project.

February 1:

February 15:

March 1:

March 15:

April 5:

April 19:

May 3:

May 17:

June 7:

June 21: Final meeting before adjourning for the summer.

2016-7 Schedule

September 20: Launch of exhibition space at Town Council Chambers with Tamarack Camera Club photos, noon.

October 20: First meeting! Welcome back to familiar faces from last year, and hello to our new club-mates (come on out if you’re interested!)

November 3: Low-light photography.

November 17:

December 1:.

December 15: Photo challenge review: Details.

January 5, 2017: Cancelled.

January 19: Humans of Labrador project launch/discussion.

February 2: Workshop by Martha MacDonald on interviewing people for the Humans of Labrador project.

February 16:.

March 2:

March 16: Cancelled.

April 6: Photo challenge review: Humans of Happy Valley.

April 20:

Sunday, April 30: Workshop with Bojan Fürst on portraiture for Humans of Labrador project.

May 4: Silhouettes

May 18: Photo challenge review: Silhouettes.

June 1: Cancelled due to photography at Labrador Cup.

June 15: Last meeting of the year at Grafter’s Pub. Personal Top 10 photo review!

2015-6 Schedule

September 17: First meeting of the year!

October 1:

October 15: Photo sharing theme: 2015 Trapline Marathon.

November 5: Outing: Bonfire pictures.

November 17: Workshop with Bojan Fürst.

December 3: Christmas portraiture.

December 17: Christmas outing: taking photos of the Rotarians packing Christmas gifts for the North Coast. NOTE: This will be held at Universal Helicopters’ hangar.

January 7, 2016: Cancelled.

January 21: Workshop with Geoff Goodyear about folios.

February 4: Sharing your photos online and navigating social media.

February 18: Working on our folios, Photoshop help.

March 3: Marlene Winters Wheeler about sports photography; coordinating photography for the Labrador Winter Games.

March 17: Cancelled for the Labrador Winter Games

April 7: Working on our folios. Photo sharing: Labrador Winter Games.

April 21: Year-end photo exhibit coordination; sending photos to our judges for folio project.

May 5: Folio finishing touches; sending photographs to Inside Labrador magazine.

May 19: Framing our photos.

Friday, May 27: Folio exhibition at the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre, 7pm.

Saturday, May 28: Workshop with Bojan Fürst.

June 2: Cancelled due to photography at Labrador Cup

June 16: Final Meeting.

2014-5 Schedule (Subject to change)

October 2: First meeting! The executive has been doing some planning and applications, and we’ve got some exciting info to share! Welcome back to familiar faces from last year, and hello to our new club-mates (come on out if you’re interested!)

October 16: Election of Officers. Photo sharing theme: 2014 Trapline Marathon.

November 5 (Wednesday): Field Trip: Guy Fawkes Night with Michelle Baikie.

November 6: Understanding Shutter Speed with Mavis Penney. Photo sharing: Bonfire pictures.

November 20: Understand Aperture with Mavis Penney. Photo sharing: Portraits

December 4: Understanding ISO. Photo sharing/discussion: Pro’ject Sound project.

December 18: Cancelled.

January 1, 2015: Cancelled.

January 15: Composition. Photo sharing: Christmas and New Year’s, and show-and-tell with new toys!

January 26 (Monday): Pro’ject Sound concert with Sarah Hagen at Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre.

February 5: Studio Lighting with Michelle Baikie. Photo sharing: General.

February 19: Workflow. Photo sharing: Macro photography.

March 5: Field Trip: Painting with Light

March 19: Photoshop. Photo sharing: Nature.

April 2: Cancelled.

April 16: Web design. Photo sharing: Wildlife

May 7: Publishing photos and copyright law.

May 21: Taking engaging panoramic shots

June 4: Stitching panoramic shots together in Photoshop; intro to HDR. Photo sharing: Panoramic shots.

June 18: Gala at O’Brien Arts Centre.


2013-4 Schedule

The first meeting, a meet-and-greet, will be held November 7 at the Them Days building, 3 Courte Manche Street, at 7pm.  Bring three photos you’ve taken that you really love!

November 21: Meeting cancelled.  (Sorry!)

December 5: Presentation by Jordan Bennett and Amy Malbeuf

December 19: Christmas Lights FotoForay and Christmas social (hot chocolate!). We’ll meet at the College, then walk around to the nearby light displays.  Bring your camera!!! (And a tripod if you have one, for sure!)

January 2: No meeting, due to holidays. Go out and take some photos to share with your new equipment! 🙂

January 16:  Mavis Penney will be giving a hands-on demonstration on how to photograph items for online sale sites – like the Virtual Flea Market or eBay or Etsy stores. She will demonstrate how to set up and adjust the camera and talk about cropping and how to get your photo looking the best it can for selling your wares!

February 6: Troubleshooting. Bring your cameras and any photos you’ve taken that didn’t come out the way you had hoped. We’ll all help each other figure out answers to the questions that have been bothering us!

February 20: This week’s meeting is all about taking advantage of the warmer weather.  Bring your camera’s to Thursday’s meeting and we’ll talk about and practice taking action shots, winter shots and portrait shots.  We’ll talk about adjusting camera settings for each of these situations: shutter speed, aperture, ISO and how to look for appropriate lighting conditions indoors and outdoors.

February 22: Birch Brook Ski Club excursion! The Birch Brook Club is organizing winter Olympics and would like to have some people take pictures of the event.  The Ski Club is able to provide volunteer photographers with a trail pass for the day as well as skis or snowshoes.

March 6: Birch Brook photo review / Our favourite photography books.

March 20:  Introduction to Photography Session 1–Getting to Know Your Camera. Exploring the camera and setting up menus.

April 3: Introduction to Photography Session 2–Getting Better Exposures, Pt. 1. Turning off Auto–Introduction to the Exposure Triangle (Aperture/Shutter speed/ISO)

April 17: Introduction to Photography Session 3–Getting Better Exposures, Pt. 2.  Working with the Exposure Triangle to get better photographs–Calculating Aperture/Shutter speed/ISO settings

May 1: Introduction to Photography Session 4–Focus modes for your camera / Focal length / Depth of Field / Choosing a lens for your cmaera

May 15: Introduction to Photography Session 5–Flash modes for your camera / Image editing, printing and storing.

June 5: Introduction to Photography Session 6–Essential accessories for your camera/Looking after cameras

June 19: Year-End Presentation of Photos